HFSExplorer for Windows

HFSExplorer for Windows

A small, stream-lined program called Hfsexplorer may view hard drives and plate pictures that have been formatted in Mac format. With case-sensitive file names, it can read the file systems Hfs( Mac Os Standard ), Fs +( Mac Os Extended ), and Hsx.

With the help of Hfsexplorer, you can navigate Mac volumes using a pictorial file system browser, harvest files( content to hard drive ), view in-depth volume information, and extract disk images.

Most.dmg/. sparsebundle disk images produced on a Mac, including zlib / bzip2 compressed images and Aes-128 / Aes-256 encrypted images, can also be read by Hfsexplorer. It natively supports the sectionalization techniques Apple Partition Map, Macpartition Table, and Master Boot Record.


If you use an Intel Mac operating Windows with Boot Camp, Hfsexplorer can be a helpful mechanism. You can use it to utilize files on the intensity of Mac Os X. If your ipod is Hfs + formatted and you need to access content from within the Windows environment, it can also be helpful.



Skylights version of Hfsexplorer 2023.10.9
  1. Windows 10,
  2. Windows 8.
  3. Upgrades of Windows
  4. Windows 8.1,
  5. , Windows Vista
  6. 7 Panels
most recent change:
19 September 2023, Monday
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