30 day Warranty Policy At Rutto Bats we aim to meet and exceed the standard for each and every bat that leaves our hands. All of our bats are vigorously inspected for quality and strength of wood throughout every step of our manufacturing and finishing processes prior to shipment. Attention to detail is Rutto Bats Courtesy, employed to increase durability and reliability of our Wood Bats. But wood is a natural resource, and in the case that your game bat breaks within our 30 day warranty period, we will gladly replace it. Due to the broad spectrum of potential causes for breakage, our 30 day warranty only covers replacement of bats that were strictly used and maintained by the bat’s owner and broke for reasons outside of the players control. A player’s integrity is invaluable to us throughout this process. Bat covered under warranty: PRO Lumber Custom PRO Lumber Stock Bats Softball Bats
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