Equalizer APO for Windows

Equalizer APO for Windows

Windows’ parametric / graphic equalizer is called Equalizer Apo. For the system effect infrastructure introduced with Windows Vista, it is used as an audio processing object( Apo ).

Your sound’s’s potential and excellence can both be enhanced with the aid of Equalizer Apo.

Important Characteristics:

  1. Almost limitless filter options.
  2. works across a wide range of options.
  3. It is suitable for participatory implementations due to its extremely decreased lag.
  4. Motherboard availability is decreased.
  5. graphical user interface that is flexible.

Windows equaliser Equalizer Apo lacks a visual consumer layout. Instead, you modify the radio output’s’s functions using Txt documents. Your working system’s’s cowl is where the apps operates, and it produces fast outcomes without consuming any procedure sources. Because of this balancer, Apo is both dependable and effective.


You can select the phone to which you want to use the Apo once the app has been installed. You must be aware of the radio device that needs to be improved. The game tells you which connectors support Apo and displays a comprehensive list of phone titles. You must go to the location of Equalizer Apo installation and open a configuration Txt document in order to change the new equalizer’s’s parameters.



Windows equalizer Apo 1.2.1
  1. 10 Skylights
most recent up-date:
August 18th, 2023, a Wednesday
Thedering, Jon


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