Video to GIF Converter for Windows

Video to GIF Converter for Windows


A simple use called Wonderfox Video to Gif Converter is made to convert videos into Giffs.

The majority of widely used camera types, such as Avi, Mpeg, Mkv, Wmv, Movs, and 3gp, can be converted to animated Gifs by this tool.

Critical Features Include:

  1. Gif graphics for a video document.
  2. endorse for well-known video styles like Dvd, Avi, Mp4, Mpg, Wmv, Mkv, and Mov.
  3. Distinctive efficacy is accessible through Gif videos.
  4. keep the equivalent skeleton price and excellence as the original camera folder.


In general, Wonderfox Video to Gif Converter is a helpful device for quickly creating animated Giffs. It can record any frame from camera media to create an image file, supports common styles, and enables video playback. Especially the video’s’s measurement you be altered to fit the Gif video.



Panels version of the Camera to Gif Transformer 1. 2
Shape of a submit:
585 Gb
  1. Upgrades of Windows,
  2. Vista, Windows
  3. Windows 7, etc.
  4. Windows 8.
version test
most recent update:
Wednesday, August 3, 2023
X-soft Wonderfox

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