Tweetz Desktop for Windows

Tweetz Desktop for Windows

You can access your Twitter login and observe posts and tweets instantly from your workstation using the tiny, stream-lined mechanism known as Tweeter Desktop.

You can encourage the game using the Os ‘ gadget restaurant because it is a Windows widget. Its modest layout, which doesn’t occupy a lot of space on your background, has been designed. You may, though, alter the size of your provender to any specific measurements if you require a larger viewing area.

Many options for Tweetz Desktop are additionally fairly configurable. From the” Options” cuisine, you may change the font size and intensity. The proxy arranging for masked Urls can also be changed.


There are radio warnings on Tweetz Desktop that can be set for personalized communications, discusses, and level changes. Additionally, you can specify the separation during which the app refreshes. The Home page is by definition scheduled to upgrade every two minutes, the discusses page every four, and personal conversations every six minutes.

Overall, Tweetz Desktop is a straightforward application with common aspects. Despite this, it is a practical substitute for the Twitter home webpage because of its user-friendly software.



Skylights users of Tweetz Desktop 2.7.1
  1. Windows 7,
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13th August 2023, a Friday
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