SysTools OST Recovery for Windows

SysTools OST Recovery for Windows

A product called Systools Ost Recovery is used to retrieve Exchange Outlook’s’s impenetrable file paperwork. You can save conversations, connections, and calendars from corrupted, damaged, or orphan Ost documents using this data retrieval utility.

Included in the variable options are:

  1. Preview of the information items from the recovered Ost files.
  2. Advanced & Quick inspect modes are available for reeling corrupted Ost.
  3. supports meeting range-based selective content import.
  4. Support for Pst, Eml, and Msg submit files for preserving recovered facts.
  5. appropriate naming conventions while Eml / Msg data is being saved.

Systools Ost Recovery performed flawlessly during testing without significantly affecting the network. Overall, it offers a simple method with multiple output settings for removing files from the Ms Outlook depot files.


  • Systools Ost Recovery’s’s demo version only allows for the import of 25 stuff or folders, but it offers previews for all of the download stuff.
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    Windows Ost Recovery 7.0 by Systools
    size of the file:
    27. 71 Mebibyte
    1. 98th Windows,
    2. Windows 8.
    3. Xp of Panels
    4. 2003 Skylights,
    5. , Windows Vista
    6. Windows 7.
    7. Windows 10.
    8. Using Windows 2000
    dialects that are spoken:
    1. English,
    2. German,
    3. Spanish,
    4. French,
    5. Italian,
    6. Japanese,
    7. Polish,
    8. Chinese
    a hearing release
    most recent up-date:
    January 17th, 2023, a Thursday
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