Serial Splitter for Windows

Serial Splitter for Windows

A little program called Serial Splitter can divide a true terminal into several virtual ports, combine authentic ports into one virtual slot, and transfer serial data between real and virtual terminals. In order for multiple applications to simultaneously send the same data from a single meaningful sequential larboard, the software furthermore enables sharing of that port among the applications. Additionally, it is possible to connect multiple ports with a single name and allow users to switch between complimentary ones.

Included in the important benefits are:

  1. service between one to many docks.
  2. association of many-to-one ports.
  3. relation between numerous and many ports.
  4. changer for ports.

Real Com ships are divided by Serial Splitter into a number of digital ones, each of which has the exact pseudonym and behaves particularly like the first. The equivalent data is instantly received by all remote ports as by the initial slot. By doing this, Serial Splitter enables a second sequential apparatus to simultaneously run several applications.


All content from a true serial terminal can be redirected using Serial Splitter to another real – or virtual-port. If you use software with rigid serial-port surroundings, this can be beneficial because you won’t need to change them; all you have to do is transfer data visitors there.

A useful tool for building intricate packs of true and digital Com slots is the serial converter.



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