PHPExcel for Windows

PHPExcel for Windows

Phpexcel is a good choice if you need to use Php to develop and connect with Microsoft’s’s Excel spreadsheet application.

You can write to and read from a variety of spreadsheet file formats, including Excel( Biff ), Excel 2007( Officeopenxml). Xlsx, Csv, Libre, Gnumeric, Pdf, and Html, using the Phpexcel library’s’s extensive set of classes. It can be a small challenging to get started using Phpexcel because it works with other files in addition to Ms Excel.

Included in the list of supported view document types are:

  1. Excel 95 and higher (. Xls ) Biff 5 – 8.
  2. Excel 2007 and higher, Office Open Xml (. Xlsx ).
  3. Spreadsheetml(. Xml ) 2003 in Excel.
  4. Open Document Format(. Ods ) Oasis.
  6. HTML.
  7. SYLK.
  8. CSV.


Included in the supported write file types are:

  1. Excel 95 and higher, Biff 8(. Xls ).
  2. Open Xml in Work(. Xlsx Excel 2007 and higher ).
  3. HTML.
  4. CSV.
  5. PDF*.

You can read, read, and produce Excel articles in Php using Phpexcel. The learning curve is the only drawback; it can be a little challenging to implement, particularly for beginners.

* By utilizing the separate installation of the tcpdf, Dompdf or mpdf books.



Windows Version of Phpexcel 1.8.1
  1. Windows 7,
most recent revision:
August 13th, 2023, a Friday
Maarten Balliauw

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