MAGIX Photostory for Windows

MAGIX Photostory for Windows

An all-inclusive portrait redaction and corrections platform is called Magix Photostory. Edit photos taken with a variety of tools, from smartphones, streamlined cameras, high-end Dslr Raw selfies, to professional-level pictures.

With the right color, illumination, and background music and results, you can enhance the sentiment in your selfies. Consequently display your work in landscapes, slide shows, and other visual media!

Options Included:

  1. accurate lamps and color
  2. Movie menus
  3. Make collages, slides, and landscapes.
  4. modification for red eyes
  5. Use a killed match to duplicate your preferred look.

Give your DVD albums the complete professional treatment by adding File recipes and navigation. Premium packages include a raft of editing features focused on VR and 360° recordings.


A comprehensive and reliable set of pictures enhancing and lecture tools is offered by Magix Photostory. The user can make virtual worlds, engaging tour, and slideshows in virtual space using the other Vr features.



Windows-based Magix Photostory 10
  1. Vista Windows
a test remake
most recent change:
August 13th, 2023, a Friday

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