GTA IV Ultimate Vehicle Pack for Windows

GTA IV Ultimate Vehicle Pack for Windows

Rockstar’s’s harsh adventure is enhanced by the mod Gta Iv Ultimate Vehicle Pack, which adds a variety of real-world automobiles. You need to have Gta Iv’s’s initial release in order to employ the Ultimate Vehicle Pack.


Included are the following variable characteristics:

  1. assistance for Eflc.
  2. more than 100 new car models.
  3. All vehicles now have new handling ( realistic traction, braking, suspension, acceleration, etc. )
  4. New Sound.
  5. Traffic that is fully operated.
  6. On the Lamborghini, Epm makes it possible to fold lighting and moveable holes by simply pressing h to offered and j to near the leds.
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    Windows version of Gt Iii Ultimate Automobile Group
    Size of a submit:
    801.04 Gb.
    1. Windows 2000,
    2. 2003 Windows,
    3. Xp of Windows,
    4. Windows Vista,
    5. Windows 8, etc.
    6. 98th Panels,
    7. Windows 7,
    8. Skylights 10,
    Cultures that are spoken:
    1. English,
    2. German,
    3. Spanish,
    4. French,
    5. Italian,
    6. Japanese,
    7. Polish,
    8. Chinese
    most recent revision:
    6 April 2023, Thursday

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