CudaText for Windows

CudaText for Windows


A cross-platform text editor called Cudatext offers a variety of apps to sustain features like macro, color picker, and script fragments. Sometimes a straightforward faculty is included with the game to aid in the creation of new apps.

Critical characteristics include:

  1. Support for Html, Css, Php, Python, Xml, Java, C ++, and Javascript syntax highlighting is available.
  2. sliding of the code.
  3. Structure of a password trees.
  4. Multi-carets.
  5. Multi-selections.
  6. Regex can be used to find / replace.
  7. Php apps are available. There are many factors apps is undertake.
  8. In Json, configs. specific configurations for Lexer.
  9. Ui Tabbed.
  10. Each page should be divided.
  11. Split the view into two, three, four, and six.
  12. For some Lexers, a straightforward auto-completement( fixed roster ) is required.
  13. St3 layout control palette.
  14. ( St3 style ) Minimap
  15. Micromap.
  16. Display whitespace that is not printed.
  17. numerous representations are supported.
  18. Hotkeys that can be customized.

With autocompletion, Html colour codes underlining, picture viewing, password sliding, and password tree structure, Cudatext has some fantastic options for designers.


Cudatext is a reliable Notepad replacing game with some strong features hidden away. It is portable, user-friendly, and light-weight.



Panels version of Cudatext 1.555.3
  1. Windows 8.
  2. Xp of Windows,
  3. Windows 10,
  4. Panels 7, etc.
  5. Windows 8.1,
  6. Vista, Windows
most recent release:
January 28, 2023, a Friday

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